Sweater Thursday!

It’s the final Sweater Thursday of the season! Let’s get sweatered!


I decided to go with my favorite new sweater today, the gray argyle. It’s just a nice sweater

The big news today is the participation of the McQuaid Clan. Let’s welcome first Shaun and Marin!

Shaun and Marin!

Next, Jen and Duchess!

Jen and Duchess!

It’s great to see the McQuaids back in action on MikeDiDonato.com. Welcome back!┬áJen points out that this is the first time Shaun has let Jen put a sweater on Duchess. ha ha!

Next up Alicia and Jesse!

Alicia and Jesse

More sweaters!

Jocelyn in a homemade number!

I love that color Jocelyn. Awesome!

Jocelyn, that color is awesome. Way to go with your craftiness!

Patrick on the cloudy west coast!

Okay, I admit. I dropped the ball on this one. This was from two weeks ago.

Patrick, where was this photo taken? It doesn’t seem to have enough dramatic elevation changes for Seattle.

And the other Mike D!

The classic collar + sweater. Fantastic.

Other Mike D, you look a little snarky in this picture. But still, I appreciation the shirt sweater combo. Awesome.

Thanks to everyone for a raucous season of sweaters. Let’s enjoy the warm weather as it approaches and I’m sure we’ll have plenty of new sweaters next fall.

One thought on “Sweater Thursday!

  • 3/10/2011 at 2:18 pm

    It’s Seattle. Usually, the Olympic Mountains are visible from here, but clouds are too dense. We live on the west side of Phinney Ridge in the city, and to the west of us is the generally-flat neighborhood of Ballard. So this photo is taken from a hill, looking over a flat area, with too many clouds before the mountains start up again.


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