Sweater Thursday

Hello sweatered friends!

This week we didn’t get many participants, but I blame this entirely on myself. My new position at my company has been so incredibly busy. I’ve been working all sorts of overtime to try and finish all my work. This coupled with a t-shirt project I’m working on with a fellow climber has yielded very little time.

But enough excuses. We might as well sweater

This week we are debuting a new sweater that Darcy helped me pick out.


There’s actually all sorts of new there. Not only do we have that awesome gray scale argyle sweater, I can introduce both my new office and my new Wacom Intuos4. All of those new things are totally righteous.

Next up? Jess!

Jess with green flower accessory!

I think Jess is holding her hair up, in part, to stress the epic-ness of her sweet hoop earrings. Sooooo awesome Jess.

And that’s it! Special thanks to Jess for keeping it real. I hope to see the rest of you folks sweatered and awesome next Thursday!

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  • 2/11/2011 at 9:27 am

    Slightly off topic….Meat Onslaught was very delicious!


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