Sweater Thursday!

Yeah, yeah, it’s almost Friday and I’m posting a Sweater Thursday post. Shame on me.

Extra shame on me because I was definitely wearing a sweater today, but I dropped the ball and didn’t take a picture. Thankfully, a few of you were kind enough to send in a few pictures. So let’s give a big hand to Jessie, SiSi, and Jill.

First up, Jessie complete with Mr. Pickles!

So festive!

Oh Mr. Pickles. That cat is a wonderful cat. During my visit to Ukraine, Mr. Pickles was kind enough to keep my neck warm during sleep/naps on more than one occasion.

Next up, SiSi!

Whoa! Fantastic Mittens!

SiSi explains that it’s going to be the year of the rabbit in China, so she decided to boost up the festivity with some rabbit mittens. Awesome!

Jill also sent an e-mail, but I think she may have forgotten the attachment. We eagerly await this picture, however, as it comes from an Ugly Christmas Sweater contest. These contests often result in the most joyous Sweater Thursday photos.

UPDATE: Jill has resent her sweater. And wow. it is ugly.


ha ha ha! Awesome pose/facial expression Jill. If that’s not Christmas, I don’t know what is.

Finally, we have a special contribution from Jesse.

Ye Ole' SweaterVest

Jesse contributes this story:

I FINALLY got a picture of the infamous “sweater vest” for sweater Thursday. AND it was actually taken ON this Thursday.
I also wore a sweater, but did not photograph it.

To remind you, this is the item of apparel that spawned the following conversation:

Coworker: If I quit I’d totally take that with me.
Jesse: Why? Whose is it?
Coworker: I don’t know.
Jesse: How long has it been there?
Coworker: At least as long as I have.

He’s worked there 10 years, and it’s never once moved an inch.


Next week, more sweaters! Stay warm and Happy Holidays!

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