Sweater Thursday!

It’s Sweater Thursday! Let’s do this.

Blue. Ribbed. Warm.

I got a new sweater this week from Good Will. For all you sweaterless folks, this is a great location for immediate sweater gratification. Quality not guaranteed.

Aubree reminds us that it’s Christmas season and reminds me that I need to get my Christmas tree up.

Red Sweater! Tis the Season!

Aubree, great seasonal color choice. Way to rock the festivities!

SiSi has joined us again, retro style!

Colorful stripes!

SiSi sent along the following description:

It is an old sweater from my Grandma, at least 20 years old. But it still looks good. Now it is too small for my Grandma, so I wear it. And I had my Grandma Glasses on the picture too. By the way, I can see nothing when I wear the glasses. HaHa!

Fun choice SiSi!

The Other Mike D is back as well! He reports that he almost forgot that today was Sweater Thursday.

Pumpkin Vee Neck!

Excellent Vee Neck choice Other Mike D. Excellent choice.

Nicole joins us with a Two-for-One!


Nicole sends us the following tale of her sweatered trials

I always come in on Thursdays and thats like the ONE day I don’t wear a sweater. So at lunch, I’m always sitting around and see sweater Thursday, and I’m like “darn it!” But today, I am in fact wearing a sweater! Webcam photo in my office, not the best, but I had to finally send one in! Woo Hoo! Also, if you notice in the back, Anurag is wearing an argyle sweater while working. He is a much better grad student than me.

Way to go Nicole and Anurag!

Jon Abad returns with more sweater action

Sweet Sweater Vest Jon Abad!

Nice subtle stripes Mr. Abad.

Mykal is here too!

Green Henley

For those of you not in the North East, you’re missing a beautiful day here as evidenced by Mykal’s picture. It’s bright and brisk! Great sweater Mykal!

Eileen sent in a picture!

What is this sweater called?

Eileen, is there a name for this style sweater? it is new to me!

Jill returned to the faithful Cardigan this week.

Whoa Color

Jill, I think I’m more intrigued by the extreme color fiesta of the shirt under the cardigan. That looks intense!

Let’s welcome first time Sweater Thursday participant Jess!

The Functional Sweater Vest Coat.

I love how happy Jess looks in this photo. When I commented on this she replied “it’s because I’m laughing at myself for taking a picture of myself in a coffee shot.”

Awesome. This is what Sweater Thursday is all about.

If you’re wearing a sweater today, send me a picture!
MikeDiDonato AT gmail D0T com

Updates will be going up throughout the day.

2 thoughts on “Sweater Thursday!

  • 12/2/2010 at 4:58 pm

    Eileen has informed me that that hers is a shawl collar
    and a modified cable pattern.


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