Operation Demarcation

I returned home from vacation yesterday after logging countless hours at the beach. It was an awesome vacation of relaxation, mindlessness, and adventures aplenty. One of these adventures was Operation Demarcation*: a secret mission as devised by Theresa and Julie.

This secret mission involved the careful placement of blankets for a big baseball game on Cape Cod. In seasons past, we’ve gone to said games completely unprepared – forced to sit in horrible places with a poor view of the field. And while I wouldn’t be able to attend this year’s game, Theresa and Julie wanted prime real estate. The tactic? Place the blankets the night before the game (apparently this is what all the hardcore fans do).

The ladies approach the field - Theresa is making a nervous face

After scoping out the available space, the ladies decided upon a nice swath of land halfway up a hill (for an all natural bleacher effect).

Suddenly we realized a problem we hadn’t considered: What could we use to secure the blankets?!!?! Wind or fan encroachment could easily disrupt an unfastened blanket! Amazingly, Theresa had a tent in her trunk – and more importantly, tent pegs. Was this luck? or was it FATE.

Julie contemplates the convenience of the available tent pegs

We thoroughly secured the blankets with the pegs, and promptly left for victory ice cream.

Sadly, I couldn’t make it to the game. But Theresa and Julie report that the secret mission was a resounding success and the blankets were still strongly secured at 7pm the following day.


*this secret mission didn’t really have a name. But I’m totally stoked that I came up with Operation Demarcation just now.

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