Birthday Birthday Revolution

Originally, my plans for my 29th birthday had consisted of little more than a second cup of coffee in the morning (i know. CRAZY.) So when Vivienne called unexpectedly on the 13th and told me there would be a party – I was stoked. The excitement grew exponentially as Viv delved into the details:

Tomato Pies and Dance Dance Revolution

Appreciate the mastery:

4pi radians of Delicious.

That’s right. Not just any tomato pies, monogrammed tomato pies.

Tomato pies are such a treat! They have cheese and tomato and basil and flaky crusts!! It’s safe to say that the entire House of Rock was excited. Look at Shaun L. joyously anticipate the mouthwatering experience!

Like Christmas in June

(Also, you’ll note there’s some tasty spinach avocado lemon salad on Shaun’s plate)

After dinner, we retreated to the living room, moved the couches, and setup three Dance Dance Revolution pads – for maximized revolution.

We started simply simply with beginner mode. Shaun and Kevin are both new recruits to the Dance Dance, and we wanted to get everyone up to speed. Kev and Shaun were quick to grasp the nuances of this legendary game.

Dance that party.
Kevin's style differs from mine and Viv's

Darcy and I ended up staying up late to beat the game. It was a marathon of moves!! By the end my legs were so tired that I had to sit in between dance challenges.


Thanks so much to Vivienne, Darcy, Kev, and Shaun who helped make my 29th an awesome day. I have great friends.

2 thoughts on “Birthday Birthday Revolution

  • 6/23/2010 at 11:21 am

    You are a 29yr old nerd who plays DDR with jacked up black socks. Happy Birthday.

  • 6/28/2010 at 11:40 am

    you need the socks on in order to dance properly kurt from work. Jeez.


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