Glory. Pain.

Today I present to you two completely unrelated pictures.

Part One.

To celebrate Shaun’s return after 5 weeks in Brazil, we had a fairly large gathering at the House of Rock. There were grilled pizzas, delicious broccoli slaw, tasty salad, beverages galore, and rock band. Today’s first picture is of Shaun L. during his highly emotive rendition of Lady Gaga’s Poker face.

That's a poker face right there.

Look at that passion!!

Part Two.

Today’s second picture is of my mangled toe courtesy of Sijeh Sue’s decidedly unforgiving elbow. During sparring class on Tuesday I approached Sijeh Sue throwing a mediocre roundhouse kick at her midsection. I believe at that very moment she may have decided to step in with a hook. Seeing my kick approaching she quickly dropped her elbow in defense. BANG.

One of these things is not like the others.

Her elbow was fine. Thankfully, the purple on my toe has faded a bit. In a few weeks I’ll be having my black belt test, so hopefully the toe will have fully healed by then. I’m especially nervous because it looks like I’ll be traveling for the week and a half leading up to the test. Gah!

This stresses me out horribly.

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