Sarah T’s Visit

Sarah’s been in town for a little more than a week now. It’s been really nice to be able to spend some time with her. It can be challenging being in a relationship with someone across the country. For us, time together is precious and can’t be taken for granted.

She arrived on the 26th and upon her arrival to the House of Rock we chilled out a bit before starting a few home improvement projects. While it might seem somewhat self-serving, I find that home improvement is one of the best ways to share time with someone. It lets you spend quality time in close proximity to your date and results in something over which you can both share pride. We started with a few new shelves in the kitchen before moving on to the dining room.

As we sat in the room before starting the makeover process, Sarah illustrated the dining room desperation by taking a simple inventory of the items present.

“One bottle of Febreeze, one castle, a bow and arrow, a cane, four bags of fortune cookies, magazines, receipts, a bag of potatoes, a 2×4, and a bedazzler.”

This grab-bag of refuse was made all the more glamorous by the glossy apricot walls and the dirty champagne carpet. After much deliberation we settled on new wall colors of sweetened coffee accented with a single wall of dark wine. These colors, accompanied by some exciting new furniture possessions have turned the dining room into a beautiful new living space. I don’t want to post finished pictures just yet, as we’re waiting on some new ceiling tiles. But the difference between before and after is drastic.

The new dining room has been put to good use as well. Stay tuned to hear about some of the 4star cooking we’ve explored during Sarah’s stay.

Sarah T! Thanks for helping making the House of Rock a more enjoyable residence.

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