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I am currently in a ‘board game appreciation’ phase. I really enjoy sitting down with a few people and rocking through a game or two at the dinner table. I’ve probably played about 15-25 games of Pandemic since ordering it a few weeks ago. As a quick 30-40 minute game, it’s a nice break from some of the more standard means of wasting time watching videos online. Additionally, it’s way more social than the internet, guitar practice, or television.

Two new games arrived at the House of Rock yesterday: Battlestar Gallactica, and Puerto Rico.

Battlestar Gallactica is a co-operative type game, with some traitors thrown in. Jesse spoke very highly of it after playing it at Tyler’s over memorial day weekend and rates it very strongly. Puerto Rico comes with strong recommendations from one of my favorite blog writers who has pretty much jumped off the blog train (

I think we’re going to give Puerto Rico a shot tonight. I’ll report back with fun levels.

My hope is to develop a game stash at the house that will allow for spontaneous social events to help improve a community feel at the House of Rock and add some intelligent variety to fun-seeking residents and visitors.

3 thoughts on “Board games!

  • 6/3/2009 at 2:44 pm

    Tom and I use Defectiveyeti’s board game reviews for most of our game picks. Although he’s got a decent board game group at work going and one of the guys has hundreds of games, so he gets a lot of chances to play before we buy for our own collection.

    You’ll love both the games you’ve got. Puerto Rico is great and I’ve heard good things about BG.

    If you’re looking to round out your collection with some 2 player games I’d recommend: Lost Cities, Ceasar and Cleopatra and Jambo. Although something tells me there’s always enough people around at your house to have bigger games going on.

  • 6/3/2009 at 6:05 pm

    You should have a review system that compares each game to Fortress America.

  • 6/4/2009 at 11:14 am

    I actually just played BSG last night and it was awesome! I highly reccommend it!


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