For those that like to rock

At some point last summer I was driving along on Route 91 North in CT – I don’t remember what was on the radio at the time, but I’d like to imagine that it was some epic AC/DC. A college-y age dude in an adjacent car, complete with hat turned at 15 degrees and sunglasses that were clearly a statement of irony, had half his body hanging out the passenger side window of a beat up SUV. As they sped past he pointed both hands at me, gave me a double thumbs up, and started climbing back into his car. I promptly raised my left hand out the window and threw up the rocking devil horns.

The dude seemed startled, ceased his return to his seat, and climbed back out the window. He paused, saluted, and threw up two devil horns of his own.

It was a strange exchange.

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