Jesse’s Fat Cat.

Jesse tells us about his Cat adventures.

I thought our cat was getting fat, or at least eating too much (aka we have to clean the litterbox too often). i suggested we cut back on her food. she would be “healthier”, OR at least she’ll poop less. Alicia thought this was mean and also incorrect (she thought we fed her the right amount), so we looked up what a cat her size should eat. The general consensus for an “inactive adult female” of her approx. weight was 1.7-3.0 oz./day. We have been giving her 1/2 cup per day. So i supposed this was more than the recommended amount, and Alicia disagreed. Naturally, it had to be put to the test of science, and clearly, a mere scale would be too easy (OR we don’t have one…. you decide) AND CLEARLY lego’s, seran wrap, string, and pocket change were involved.


i was wrong. sue me.

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