The Quest for Teapots!

During my first year at WPI, I took a whole bunch of art classes. One of those classes introduced me to the Bauhaus style.

Bauhaus refers to a style of art (or perhaps design is a better word) that developed from a German school. The basics of the style was functional art. I remember one of the slides that Professor Samson showed us was of a beautiful bauhaus teapot. When I saw this, it ingrained in my mind the idea that teapots should be both functional and beautiful.

In Ukraine we had a lot of tea and I realized that I enjoy it a lot. Prior to Ukraine, I’d have tea now and again and it was tasty, but it wasn’t more than an occasional treat. Now that I’m back I think I want to tea it up more regularly. And thus began my hunt for an awesome teapot.

Teapot #1.
Wow that’s snazzy! But you can’t put it on a range and it has no desirable feature other than the fact that you can see the steeping process.

Teapot #2.
Hmm. Less snazzy. It’s got a plastic handle and also can’t be put on a range. BUT Ryan Schenk points out that it has a french press like system that allows you to get the tea out early and not let the beverage go bitter.

Teapot #3.
Hmm. I like this one. It’s double walled stainless steel. I’m pretty sure it can go on the range, but it may not have the really sweet functionality of the one above. (it also comes in cool porcelain)

Teapot #4.
I think Viv has this one (or one like it), but again it’s more of a steeping tool than a range top teapot.

So I’m stuck. Do any of you have good teapot recommendations that are both stylish and functional? Schenk points out that getting an electric water heater is more efficient than heating up water on my gas range and that would allow me to get a steeping pot that could generate a higher quality beverage, but I don’t know. I still want something classy and cool too. I’m conflicted.

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