Schenk sent me a message last night. This is what it said:

Tonight, I made brownies.

They are named:
The Schenk Tank’s Chocolate Holocaust Brownies with Chocolate Napalm Ganache.

CAN YOU HANDLE IT?!?! (Answer: no)

It is the chocolate dessert equivalent of a great white shark with full sleeve tattoos being lit on fire and riding a surfboard out of a fighter jet going mach 5, then landing on a motorcycle and doing a wheelie off a jump over a canyon filled with pyrotechnics, diesel fuel, attack dinosaurs and monster trucks, with Motorhead playing in the background on a stage made out of stainless steel and carbon graphite suspended over a pit of sentient skeletons holding war spears and really metal-looking battle axes.

Here’s my MSPaint of Schenk’s concept.

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