Cindy’s Scenario

Cindy recently got her own condo out in Chicago. It’s hip and wild and she is, as one would expect, rather excited.

One of the first things that needed to happen, was a lock change. This is Cindy’s story.

I had a guy come over to change the locks. This is an important step in any new home ownership and I felt like I had it under control. The guy had a very distinct eastern european-dirty hands-creepy-locksmith-kinda look about him. Anyway, while he was changing the locks, he asked “where is your husband?” and i was so flustered by the question i didn’t know what to say… I think I managed a “what husband?”

and then he asked me out.

I replied “uhm you’re married” because he totally had a ring on.

“oh that, don’t worry about that, come to my apartment and you can see i am very alone”

He really said that! So Awkward! So when i was paying him, cash, he was filling out the form and he wrote my name and address and asked me for phone number. i gave it to him and he wrote it on the form thinking nothing of it… then realized, why would he need my number?

Why? to text me later that night saying “we have a date Friday!”

And i had a pile of boxes in my place of course, so i had offered him the boxes i had because he said he was moving so he texts me again last night to say “i forgot the boxes, can i stop by tomorrow?”

I really had no clue that I was giving him so many openings.
I thought i was better than that
I’m disappointed in myself

Also, it’s really creepy when you realize the guy stalking you was the very same man who changed the locks on your front door.

I’ll keep you posted if there are any new developments.

4 thoughts on “Cindy’s Scenario

  • 7/8/2008 at 2:09 pm

    Now Cindy, this is coming from a mom, but please consider changing your locks yet again (having a burly guy friend at hand as your “husband”), or at least consider putting one of those interior deadbolt things in place. In fact, the deadbolt is a must, as you are dealing with a locksmith and I don’t think you can get by a deadbolt very easily.
    We just drove through Chicago and it’s a very nice city. We did not, however, deal with any locksmiths! Be careful and congratulations on your new condo!

  • 7/9/2008 at 9:29 am

    That’s excellent advice. Change your locks again, or get a deadbolt or two.


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