Pig Roast

A few weekends ago my family had a big pig roast to celebrate my sister’s PHD achievement. It was really fun and I realized this morning that I haven’t yet had an opportunity to post about it.


The pig guys, so named because they took care of the pig, showed up at 6am on the day of the roast to start to prepare. There was a giant pig, baked beans like you wouldn’t believe, potato salad, corn, roasted veggies, sausage and peppers, hot wings, salad, watermelon, cake, and the list goes on.


As for the pig? well, it was a little strange to see the beast roasting on a spear of sorts. But it came out pretty good. I had no idea how fatty pork meat was.

The group was fantastic. Theresa had invited a bunch of close friends from high school, graduate school, and family. It’s really fun just to get together with a big group of fun people.


The party went well into the night, probably not closing up until around midnight.

Well done Dr. Theresa! Yay!


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