First Teachings

Last night I had my first night of teaching as a Kung Fu assistant instructor. It was pretty fun. I hope I kept the students engaged and entertained. I definitely need more practice. One of my instructors, who recently received his black belt, saw me walk in with my new satin digs but without the obligatory gray belt. Non-black belt instructors at my academy wear gray belts in order to increase mysticism. That way you never really know how hardcore your teacher is. So, Sihing Matt noticed that I was wearing my red belt and promptly disappeared into the back room. He reappeared and handed me his old gray belt. It was quite an honor. As he handed me his belt…

Sihing Matt: “wear this one. it’s lucky.”
Mike D: “because you made it to black?”
Sihing Matt: “yup. just don’t get the debilitating knee injuries that I got.”


June is pretty unique this month because there’s a tournament in CT. While I can’t make the actual events, Master Wong (the biggest of the big in our kung fu family) will be coming to town. He’ll be teaching a few classes and I have to try and plan my schedule so that I can make it to as many as possible.

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