I had a pretty nasty nightmare last night.

I was driving on a highway at night. I was in the third lane, going south at a reasonable speed. There was a light fog and my headlights had limited effectiveness. The general environment was a bit like the bat for lashes video. Dark. Cold.

I don’t know where I was coming from, but I do know that I was headed home to the House of Rock. I was tired and anxious to get home. The trip was proceeding rather boringly. Just driving, nothing more.

Until the check engine light lit. I looked down at the dash and groaned. Just earlier this week I had spent some money to get some work done on the car and looking down at the dash, I wasn’t too excited to spend more. I returned to driving but had this impending sense of doom.

Moments later I passed a car in the breakdown lane. It was a small four door, gray and beat up a bit. Just after the car, my headlights suddenly illuminated a crowd of people standing in the road. In front were two guys. One faced east, the other north west. They just stood there. I slammed my foot against the brake, but nothing happened. I swerved the wheel hard right, and the car fishtailed out.

I woke up as my car plowed through the crowd of people.

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