Product Review!

So the company “Shine-To-Go” sent me some samples to check out. As you are probably aware, I love shining my shoes. It’s so rewarding. This product is kind of an all-in-one shine kit. Let’s look at some photos.

First, the before picture.

Now… these shine-to-go packages were not quite what I was expecting. Inside they have a small little packet which you stick your fingers into.


It actually has a blob of polish on it. you spread it, then you buff it.

End result?


So, it’s pretty decent. Not as good as a full shoe polishing, but at least it uses real polish. I’ve got another “instant” type shoe polishing device. It’s “speed shine” and uses some clever silicone stuff to give your shoes a quick luster. The Shine-to-go brand is a bit better than the Speed Shine brand for quality purposes. Speed shine is a fake blast of shine while Shine-to-go uses legitimate polish. At home I’ll stick to real polish, but this stuff might be decent for business trips.

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  • 3/3/2008 at 10:39 am

    I’m kind of curious what the framed robot picture in the background is…


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