What Color Is Your Mood Ring Now?

4 What Color Is Your Mood Ring Now?
Over Superman’s 70 years in ink, he has been challenged by a number of minerals from his home planet, collectively called kryptonite, that emit radiation to affect the hero’s power, appearance, and mentality depending on their color. Here’s a short list of the five most common colored kryptonites and the adverse effects they have on Kryptonians.

Green – This is the most common kryptonite and causes pain, weaknesses, loss of superpowers, and the possibility of death with long term exposure.

Red – In modern comics, red kryptonite causes a loss of powers without the nasty pain and death of green kryptonite. However, red kryptonite was the Kryptonian LSD of 1960’s comics and caused Superman to change physically into things ranging from a humanoid ant creature to a morbidly obese, balloon-like person.


Gold – It is rumored that gold kryptonite will permanently rob a Kryptonian of their superpowers gained from yellow sun rays.

Blue – Blue kryptonite affects the backward Bizarro Superman the same way green kryptonite affects normal Kryptonians.


Black – Originally created for the Smallville television show, the comics adopted this new form of kryptonite into their pages in 2005. Black kryptonite causes the good and evil sides of your personality to literally and physically split into two separate beings.

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