Publisher Quiz

Everyone knows who Superman, Spider-Man, and Batman are, but do you know which comic book universe they belong to? The two biggest publishers of comic books, DC and Marvel, have two separate worlds for their super beings to frolic and interact. If these two worlds were to interact, it would be Armageddon (also referred to as copyright infringement).

So, to know the likelihood of seeing Captain America buy the Incredible Hulk a beer, you need to know who publishes them. See if you can match the characters below with their correct publishing company, DC or Marvel.

1. Superman
2. Spider-Man
3. Wonder Woman
4. Batman
5. Wolverine
6. Incredible Hulk
7. Red Tornado
8. Adam Strange
9. Stilt-Man
10. M.O.D.O.K.

The Answers will be posted at Noon today.

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