Shameless Plug #1

Most people think that comics are only for boys under the age of 12. If you don’t think that, you are probably turned off by the comic storylines of the 1990’s where you needed to read $30 to $50 worth of 24-page comics a month to keep up with what was going on with the X-Men. As a wise man from Minnesota once said, “The times are a-changing,” and when regarding the world of comics, this is very true.

There are many comic book titles geared toward an adult audience currently in circulation. In fact, graphic novels, a collection of 24-page comics made into a several hundred page book, are currently dominating the French best-seller list. Taking into consideration that the French have won more Nobel Prizes in Literature than any other people, I think we should follow their lead.

Thereby, to broaden the horizons of the readers of, I’d like to present a few shameless plugs of comic books which can be found at any Barnes and Noble or internet books store in graphic novel form. I hope you can find something that appeals to you.

Published by Vertigo, the adult-oriented comic book branch of DC, and written by Bill Willingham, Fables is an ongoing story which assumes the characters from human fairy tales are real. Once confined to their own dimensions, in this story the fairy tale characters such as the Big Bad Wolf and Snow White have been chased out of their paradises into the human, mundane world by a sinister conqueror known only as the Adversary. Misadventures trying to protect their identities from humans of the mundane world, interactions with each other, and trying to recapture their homeland dimensions ensue.

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