A Brevitous Gentleman’s Guide…

A Brevitous Gentleman’s Field Manual to Rackets Suitable for Sporting Usage

– The not-uncommon tennis racket differs from its country cousin the badmitton racket only because its strings are made of stretched snakeskin, as opposed to the badmitton’s catgut.

– Ping Pong rackets were originally covered with sandpaper. This practice was discontinued once ping pong balls were made from plastic instead of the traditional solid hardwood.

– Squash should not be played, under any circumstances. It was invented by European men so that their women would have somthing to do while they were off at war.

– Official Raquetball regulations require a cord to attach the racket to the player’s wrist. This is due to licensing issues that arose during the production of Wii Sports.

– Basque Pelota requires a racket strung with a closed string pattern to more accurately lob the rubber ball through a stone arch. Losers of this game are sacrificed.

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