Hoth Frostbite

(by Lauren!)

I learned this from a Star Wars book. I think that at one point Han Solo ordered a Hoth Frostbite at a bar — thus, the Hoth Frostbite is the best drink ever.

Ingredients: Blue Slush Puppy

– Walk down to corner store
– Order a blue Slush Puppy
– Shoot Greedo (BEFORE he shoots at you)
– Drink the Slush Puppy
– Tell the shopkeeper you’re sorry about the mess
– Leave, and stick out your (BLUE) tongue at anyone who’ll look. Two words: bad ass


I made this can about a decade ago — I think I was in eighth grade. It was for a middle school art class project in which everyone had to design a really cool pop can. I was at the height of my Star Wars infatuation, so, naturally, I made a Hoth Frostbite can. I won the art award that year.

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