Kettlebells and Chains

New House of Rock roommate Brian has a set of kettlebells.

Kettlebells are a Russian weightlifting tool that basically look like cannonballs with handles. They exude and aura of extremeness. Brian lent me a few DVD’s that cover the basics. Provided Brian’s willing to share the bells, I’m hoping to start in on a rough routine this week. It has the potential, I think, to rock me back into a fitness drive.

In other fitness news, I had my first 2 hour kung fu class last night. It was really unique. We spent the first hour working technical drills and the second hour on sparring. I was very tired by the end.

That said, the beginning stages of a new belt level are always a blast because you get to learn new stuff. For example, last night I started learning the first moves to the chain of death.

Chain of Death.

How hardcore is that?

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