AIM Poll #4: Office Hijinks

Poll for the weeks of August 12 – August 26, 2002


The Question:

At WPI we are being trained to be corporate whores. Pranks, practical jokes, and general mayhem are often necessary to relieve the tedium of office life… This week’s poll is looking for your best story of office hijinks.

The Response Starter:

heh. this one time at work…


Kevin: i worked for a construction crew this summer, and there was one particular laborer who was the subject of many pranks. on the first day of work he was dubbed “rupricks the monkey boy”. the foreman then proceeded to wrap the porta-let (that had been baking in the sun all day) in duct tape while rupricks was relieving himself.


Colin: heh. this one time at work… a guy died and I took the money out of his wallet before anyone realized

The Sarto: heh. this one time at work…I sat on my ass and didn’t do what was requested of me,…boy you should have seen the look on my co-workers’ faces!

AND THE REST…in no particular order:

Kate: i dunno if this counts but here’s the story. during camp we always ask the campers to complete an ice cream lab. this involves having them write directions on how to make an ice cream sundae, we the counselors then take these directions and create the sundaes. we take the directions VERY literally, usuallyone of us ends up becoming the ice cream sunday. We have one counselor who HATES to be dirty and so never helps out with this lab. During our final lab, with the help of five campers we attacked the clean counselor and started an all out ice cream sunday fight. the whipped cream was flying, the ice cream was smearing the walls, and strawberries were in everyones hair, there was yelling and screaming and laughter. needless to say i came home very yummy ;-)

Katie: heh. this one time at work… Well, you see mike d, not all people will go straight to work. Some (not me, but some) will step right out of undergrad to grad school, so here is a grad school story. That takes place in a little town called Cambridge England. Now, cambridge is not only known for its intense acedemics, but also its tourism. People flock from all over the world to view the beautiful campus and enjoy England’s spring weather (okay, so some of this story might be a lie… but hey, deal with it). With this in mind you can imagine how upset the town was when they woke up to see that one of the two spires on the main building had a hideous orange bucket up the top of it. Ah, the town was upset. They called in a scaffolding company from London to get the bucket down. Now, you have to understand. This spire was OLD and it had really delicate stone work. Plus, this took place a few years ago so the roads were bad. English roads tend to be tight and winding, so it takes some time to get scaffolding to Cambridge from London. So they take a day getting there. Then another day getting most of the scaffolding up. Meanwhile, that ugly bucket was just sitting there – being an eyesore. So finally, the town of Cambridge goes to sleep, knowing that the next day the scaffolding company would reach the top and they could get down that awful bucket. Now, you probably are thinking that you know the punch line of this story. They wake up and the bucket is gone – ha ha. But one thing that you should always learn is to expect the opposite of what the outcome is expected to be (if that is possible). So, no the bucket wasn’t gone the next morning.
It was just on the other spire.

Ben: heh. this one time at the soccomm office… which is just like work, instead of working we inflated beach balls until they were about three deep through the whole room, you couldn’t walk from one end to another… ha heh, and this other time we set up empty water cooler jugs and bowled in the hall with a real bowling ball… man

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  • 5/30/2007 at 11:02 am

    heh. Last week our Chief was promoted to Senior Chief. We got him a card, but he complained that no one got him a present. On friday, he made the mistake of leaving work early. Myself and two other corpsman took old newspapers and wrapped everything in this office. Every pen, the stapler, the phone, his fish tank, the soap on the sink, the chairs, file folders…literally everything in his office. Then we put a big bow on the door, with a tag that read “To Senior Chief, for all your hard work. Congratulations on the promotion.” Boy was he surprised when he came to work on Tuesday.

  • 5/30/2007 at 2:54 pm

    Editor’s Note

    The answers to this poll were somewhat disturbing. I couldn’t help but pity “Rupricks the Monkey Boy”, the butt of all construction site jokes, and also – robbing a dead guy? Really? My hope is that this is all in jest.

    What if Rupricks actually DIED as a result of the pranks?!?! And then was ROBBED??!?!

  • 6/4/2007 at 8:40 am

    Hey, neat! A Google search for “Rupricks the Monkey Boy” returns only one result – this site! Way to go!


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