Long Weekend?

This weekend seemed eternal.

It started with class Friday night and was followed by a visit with Ernie and Goss (Goss!). Now, visits with Ernie seem to be developing a trend. It usually involves me saying something like “hey Ernie, let’s hang out tonight. I have to get up by 7 though, so I should be leaving around 11.” Then Erich calls. Then we start playing games and teaching break dancing and kung fu and suddenly, it’s 4:30am, I’m still awake, and I’m cursing Ernie and everyone he knows.

After a solid two hours of sleep Friday night I got up on Saturday, worked on the House for a bit and then went climbing with a big crowd. We hit up Cathole and I tried out a bunch of my new equipment. I would tie into the top rope and then set anchors as I climbed to simulate the leading that will be coming soon. It was pretty effective and made the climbing experience a lot more exciting. The weather was perfect and surprisingly, no one else was at Cathole.

Nothing but blue skies...
Check out that blue sky!
More pictures here.

Saturday night I started the taxes (Thrilling!) and went to bed.

Sunday morning I got up early again, and after some more house work went to study for today’s final exam. While there I got a call from Jesse.

“A Realtor just called. She wants to show our house tomorrow at noon.”
“oh no.”
“we have a lot of work to do.”

And with that, the rest of the evening was set in stone. We worked until after midnight cleaning, prepping, and discussing sale strategies. And today, the house looks pretty good. There are a few things we couldn’t get done, but I feel that we made our best effort. sigh. House selling is intense.

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