Photo Project

At the next House of Rock, I want to have a wall of photos. Really cool photos. Photos that really beg for a story. Not necessarily Funny photography… photography that is powerful. The kind of picture that makes people stop and ask “who is this?” with honest curiosity.

Right now I have two such photos. The first I got from Jon M. It shows Claudio with his arm around a beautiful woman, holding her too close as she takes an apathetic drag from a cigarette and he clenches a beer tightly.

The second one is this one:

This guy is a friend of mine and is an amazing backgammon player. In fact, he writes a backgammon column for a parlour games magazine in the UK. In the 70’s he drove a Triumph motorcycle. Here he is on his Triumph.

It’s hard to come across photos like these, which is why I need your help. I want to get 15 awesome photographs to put in my home. If you know of any photos that you can’t stop looking at, send me a digital copy at mikedidonato AT gmail D0T com.

Include with it the story of the photograph.
I’ll post the top pictures and stories on my website. And your picture, or friend’s picture can be posted with glory at my future residence.

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