Thanks to all the participants to the recent MSPaint contest that challenged you to draw “bad things to juggle.”

The Results!

Group Favorite: God Juggles the Planets!
artist: mike d.

Funniest: Stick man juggles creatures large!
artist: Sander

Most Inane: Fran Drescher!
artist: Shaun L.

I have to give a special bonus award to my sister Tree for her entry: A brain, a slip and slide, and a warrior mental spike ball and chain weapon

Most of the time I’m pretty good about posting entries that were sent to me, but for whatever reason hers slipped through the cracks. Well done Tree! I think this would have easily stolen one of the grand prizes.

The other artists were:

Juggle 1: Shaun McQuaid

Juggle 2: Anita Clue

Juggle 5: Jes Saint

Juggle 7: Roland

Great job everybody!

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