My dad has a lot of good stories, this is one of them.

My friend Ricky was a wizard of electronics.

I was working late at McDonalds and Ricky came over and rewired my van. He mounted some stage flash bulbs above the visor and wired the car so that when I would turn on the car the bulbs would go off. Sure enough, at 2am after my shift, when I started it up… whew…. I jumped out of the van so fast… I thought it was on fire.

I did get him back though. He came to McDonalds while I was there to laugh about his little story and I grabbed an apple pie and I SMEARED it across his windshield. Now mcdonalds has never been known for a SMALL amount of grease… so for the rest of the life of that car whenever he turned on the windshield wipers it would leave streaks.

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