The legendary animals of China

The Dragon is often associated with China, yet this is more true for western cultures than in China itself. The Chinese dragon is often connected to water. In fact, there are four Dragon kings that represent each of the four “seas.” The East China Sea, South China Sea, Lake Baikal, and the Indian Ocean.

Many Chinese associate the dragon with an aggressive relentless beast. This is not always the best impression to give in a business or trade environment, so China prefers to use the Giant Panda as its animal of choice.

Pandas, because of their rarity and peaceful nature, are considered a Chinese natural treasure. Recently they have been only given away as gifts of friendship. It became illegal to kill or capture a Panda after western cultures discovered them and hunted them all hardcore like.

The other big Chinese animal is the Tiger. The tiger is seen as the foe of the Dragon and more of a brute force animal than the strategic graceful Dragon. These characteristics are carried over into martial arts styles. I haven’t personally seen any dragon forms or stances yet, but when I do, I will confirm or deny this fact.

Neat huh?

3 thoughts on “The legendary animals of China

  • 7/27/2006 at 7:05 am

    What about the Pig? Are there any Kung Fu styles of the Pig? And are you still practicing while over there? what do the native peoples of China think of your martial arts? So many questions….

  • 7/27/2006 at 12:36 pm

    I’d love to see a tiger/dragon fight. That would be awesome. Who would kill a Panda?


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