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My Easter was wonderful. But really? what’s better than hanging out with family and eating food. As a member of the “I love Crisco” club, eating food really makes any event much more wonderful. So Easter and Thanksgiving get extra thumbs up from the mike d department.

Saturday was spent with Jesse and Pindar doing some serious music. And we’re thinking about planning a Big Gig. It would be called The Big Gig. and would feature our band rocking hard for a good hour and a half. Location and times to be determined, but our preliminary estimation is right around July 22nd.

Anyway, we also came up with a few band names. And I’d love your opinion on them. In alphabetical order:

7% Hero
Asprin Snacks
The Imaginary Pushcarts

Which is your favorite?

6 thoughts on “Band Name

  • 4/17/2006 at 10:09 am

    Be watchful of syllable overload. Bands with long names tend to get shortened when people are talking about them, i.e. Rage, STP, Op Ivy, TSOL, AFI, etc. “The Imaginary Pushcarts” could be shortened to either “The pushcarts” (not bad) or “TIP”, which isn’t as cool. Stay in control of your abbreviations!

    A 1.5 hour show sounds intense and awesome.

  • 4/17/2006 at 10:55 am

    july 22nd would be almost perfect timing for my birthday which is 9 days later

  • 4/17/2006 at 11:00 am

    Those names are pretty good, but I think you can do better.
    Of them Aspirin Snacks is clearly the best, it’s catchy.

    7% Hero sounds the most like a rock/alternative band, but it’s too complicated.

    Imaginary Pushcarts…sounds like something Jessie uses when insomnia hits and he starts sleep-grocery-shopping. Fatso.

    You need something a little more personal to you all, but still great. Like, Fatty Caboose and the Afraid of Being Eaten 5. Or maybe For Fear of Fatso. I also like Why is Mike Such a Jerk?

    Hey did you hear? Why is Mike Such a Jerk is playing!
    Really!? I love those guys.
    Me too…Except for Mike D.
    Of course, what a jerk.

  • 4/17/2006 at 12:10 pm

    Sander’s just jealous because we won’t let him be in the band ever since he ate my snare drum, confusing it for a giant marshmallow… quel sacco grasso di grassa!

  • 4/17/2006 at 12:14 pm

    I regret nothing.
    It was delicious.

  • 4/18/2006 at 1:44 pm

    Although it does suffer from the too-many-syllables problem, I’ve always thought Numerous Unplanned Cupcakes would be an awesome band name.

    Speaking of over-long band names, mine and my friends’ theoretical band is called The Inaudible Sound Of The Tomlinson Skiffle Explosion (although it has since been shortened to The Inaudible Sound since it was a bit of a mouthful).


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