A Life Changing Experience

Last night, I saw the new Natalie Portman movie – “V for Vendetta”.


And I’m not just talking about the acting, or the plot, or even the extreme hotness of both Natalie and the dude in the mask. I walked out of that theater enlightened and wanting to be even half as bold and willing to change as Natalie’s character.

Then it hit me. I COULD be.
I had to take action. Something wild, something out-there, something unexpected.

What do you think?

I figured that if Natalie can do it, so can I. Plus, it’s been so long since the last haircut….and this way, I won’t have to get it cut again anytime soon. Unless I leave it this way – which I must admit is a possibility. I feel so light and free! No more worrying about how perfect my hair is – caution is thrown to the winds! Just like a kitchen floor, my head is now “Mop and Glow”.

(I had a good feeling about this as soon as I saw the name of the barber shop. Can’t beat “Mike deLuse”!)

2 thoughts on “A Life Changing Experience

  • 4/1/2006 at 10:50 am

    Apparently Mike deLuse was so excited that he took a little off the top….of your hand!


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