MSPaint Whodunnit!

So a week or two ago we had four entries into an MSPaint contest that challenged the readers to submit an MSPaint depicting a matador taking on an angry purple hippo. The five entries were excellent. A second challenge was then proposed to the readers: Identify the artists.

Here are the drawings:

Hippo 1.
Hippo 2.
Hippo 3.
Hippo 4.
Hippo 5.

I will flat out declare Hippo 3 the most awesome. It can’t be denied.

So who were the artists?
Hippo 1: Shaun McQuaid.
I’m surprised no one guessed him. He had put that little cupcake guy on the lower right into his ‘cupcake armageddon’ image.

Hippo2: mike d.
I’m honored that Shaun McQuaid thought mine was Patricks. While I usually use thinner lines, my drawings are almost always characterized by excessive use of the ‘spline’.

Hippo3: Ruth
UBELIEVABLE HIPPO RUTH. Ryan Schenk guessed correctly. But I’m sure he cheated.

Hippo4: Becky
Becky’s last submission before heading off to boot camp. How sad! Thanks for participating!

Hippo5: Roland.
How Shaun McQuaid guessed this one baffles me. But still, great image roland. well done!

Thanks again everyone for participating! great job!

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