This past weekend was better than expected. Friday night Mandy and Becky both arrived safely, and around 7:30 we zipped over to the rockclimbing gym. Everyone climbed and had a wild time. We returned to the HoR to make two of Theresa’s recipes: Pan Fried Noodles and Aloo. Both came out great. Jesse and Joel arrived a short while later and we all hung out and had a good time.

Saturday started off with an 8 mile run with Mandy. It was breathtaking. (ha ha… ha) After that there was more rock climbing, and I’m pleased to report that I conquered a 5.12b that I’ve been working on. It was a big deal because the route was replaced the very next day. I was very happy to beat it before it was taken down.

Saturday night we all went to Jesse’s dad’s show in Winstead. It was Jazzy and snazzy. The 6 of us took the acclaim to fame and used the far underloved middle seat in the front, resulting in a very cramped, ‘that 70’s show’esque, hour and a half of driving in sleet, hail, and slush. We played car games and JonAbad rocked “wanna buy a duck?”

Sunday there was more running with Mandy, resulting in my legs today feeling completely useless. Mark had four more guests over Sunday evening so The House of Rock was full. And when the House of Rock is full, Fun can’t be avoided.

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