Weekend Update

This weekend was busy. Friday night saw rigorous climbing with Tommy and Pindar, Saturday was full of work, exercise, and cooking, and saturday night included a trip to worcester.

I was able to spend some time with Ian, Ben, Old Man Schenk, Ruth, Tyler, and various folks at the post-Steven Lynch party. The highlight of Saturday’s adventures was the fire at Old man schenk’s place. There we were, playing backgammon and discussing the nuances of kiteboarding, when the fire alarm began to blare. We looked at each other in confusion and went to investigate.

No fire was noticeable, so we continued our game. Shortly there-after we began to smell smoke.
“let’s get out of here.” I suggested. Old Man agreed.
After calling the fire department, we spent a feisty two or three minutes catching Meowstrow and stuffing her into a box*. Meanwhile smoke was billowing ferociously through the back door.

After leaping from the second story windows into snow banks**, we waited for the fire department. as it turns out the first floor had had an unfortunate oven incident while baking brownies (Ryan informs me that these were likely very special brownies). After some windows were opened, our adventures continued from where they had left off. I think ryan won that game. But it was close.

*Meowstrow, as it happens, has the strength of a puma.
*this was made up for the sake of the story. we didn’t actually jump from the windows. instead, we walked calmly down the front stairs.

One thought on “Weekend Update

  • 12/12/2005 at 9:27 am

    Mike, it was awesome to see you as usual.

    I have replied to your theory of the plane on a conveyor over at t5t.org.


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