Saucier Mechanical Services

Jesse and I recently had to replace our boiler. We made sure we got quotes from various furnace installation companies in Connecticut. We finally decided upon Saucier Mechanical Services of Southington CT.

Saucier gave us a quote of $6100.00 for a new medium efficiency natural gas boiler. Jesse and I decided that this was a competitive price, so we went with them. In fact, this was between 600 and 800 dollars cheaper than the next guy.

The installation was scheduled for Tuesday. Jesse stayed home from work to let in Saucier Mechanical at 8am.

Due to a clerical error, Saucier showed up a few hours late.

We called Gary Saucier, and eventually got a hold of him. After speaking to him personally, we learned that he had not known about the late installation problem. He seemed like a genuine sincere worker and offered to reimburse us for the hours Jesse had to spend waiting. The quality of the work received was quite good, the price was competitive, and despite the clerical error that resulted in an extended installation, Gary Saucier proved that he’s good to his word and respectful of his customers.

We are pleased with the outcome, and talking to Gary proved just how much his customers mean to him. If you are planning an installation of a home boiler or furnace in Connecticut, give Gary a call and tell him that you found his company through mike d’s website.

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