the death of the furnace/boiler

This past weekend the boiler at the house of rock died. It met its watery doom late friday night, and today the sales guy came to try and sell us a new one.

New furnaces/boilers cost between 4 and 5 thousand dollars.

So, that puts a good dent in the piggy bank. Thankfully, we think that the new heating system will improve the value of the house by at least that amount.

Today, as one of the inspector guys was leaving, he noticed that our front screen door doesn’t have one of those slow down cylinders to prevent the door from whipping out in a violent spastic manner.

“you know you can get one of those at a hardware store.”
“yeah, we’ve just been busy with other stuff. It’s not high on our list”
“it would probably take 45 seconds to put on..”
“it’d cost you, like, three bucks.”
“It’s certainly better than breaking your door.”

he’s right. but really, I tend not to worry so much about dampening the swing of the front screen door when the boiler is busy flooding the basement with furious angry water.

2 thoughts on “the death of the furnace/boiler

  • 5/11/2005 at 3:26 pm

    You should have been like.. “oh yeah, dampen this!” and then punch him square in his fat face.

    You’d probably have to go through a different furnace vendor afterwards, but it would certainly teach the guy not to try to fix other parts of your house. He obviously is not aware of how much damage hardcore-rocking can do to a house.

  • 5/11/2005 at 5:17 pm

    and after you punch him, give him a printout of that FEA model you did…


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