badda bing!

I did it. I found it before Jon Abad.

JonAbad is quite the internet fiend. However, I found THIS and put it on my webpage BEFORE Jon Abad did.

That’s right. It’s the David Hasselhoff signed IPOD.

I now proclaim myself the king of the internets.

update: As it happens, I did Not do it. and I am not the king of the internets.

read comments for more detail.

2 thoughts on “badda bing!

  • 1/7/2005 at 3:21 pm


    I respectfully unproclaim myself king of the internets.

    The worst part is that upon rereading your post, I specifically remember reading it weeks ago. What can I say, I’m a year behind your superiority. ::drops to one knee and bows head::


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