#16: Cadbury Cream Eggs – Makes Lady Friends Happy!

The Question

Dear Shaun,
During the upcoming holiday season, I would like to impress my lady friend by whipping up a culinary masterpiece
utilizing the under-appreciated Cadbury Cream Egg.
Can you give me any suggestions for recipes that would tickle my gal’s fancy?


Comment by Tim — 10/28/2004 @ 1:18 pm

The Answer

I assume when you said “during the upcoming holiday season”, you meant Valentine’s? It hasn’t been that long since I answered a question….right?

Let me preface by saying that one of the best parts of my trip to England was the Cadbury Cream Egg vending machines. 1 pound coin = 3 Cadbury Cream Eggs.

Here’s a recipe that will sweeten any interactions with your lady friends…


6 Cadbury Cream Eggs
1 Container Vanilla Ice Cream
Red Food coloring

Let the Vanilla Ice Cream stand out of the freezer until it softens. Spoon it into your KitchenAid Power Mixer. Add the Cadbury Cream Eggs. Using the Dough Hook, beat the Eggs into the Ice Cream. After 1 minute, add several drops of Red Food Coloring. Repackage and re-freeze before serving.


Well, you asked for it.

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