I heart snow

Last night after the final christmas celebrations were complete, I realized that I was at a restaurant in Waltham, MA and I needed to be at my apartment in New Haven, CT and that there was a monster of a snow storm standing in between.

The roads were horrible! And try navigating them in a 1991 plymoth acclaim. It’s a sorry sight. There was slipping and sliding and lots of nervousness. Poor Jill had to endure the ride from the restaurant to her house.

Anyway, as I pulled into Jill’s family’s driveway the decision was made that I would not go to CT. Jill’s parents were kind enough to let me stay on the couch, which was more than comfortable for my needs. I got up at 4:15am, shoveled the driveway with Jill’s dad, and then departed for the 3 hour trip to work.

And that was my morning.

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