I had a weird dream last night that I was part of a reality show similar to ‘the apprentice.’ except instead of a business it was like a battle of the bands. It was also located in an industrial area next to a marsh.

I wasn’t me though, I was a 40 year old large heavy man who was balding and had a speech impediment. I was also married to the girl who was in the movie Donnie Darko.

Anyway, we were getting ready to go into the board room to find out who was fired. But first, we had to pass a test. The test was that they would rig us all up with body armor, put us in a room, and shoot us until we asked them to stop.

The first guy to get up there was a guy all dressed up in a 30’s flying outfit. He had the goggles and the scarf and everything. He was all ready to go and they started shooting him. And he was being pushed across the room by the bullets and explosions. Then he went through the wall and was pushed across the street. Then he stood up and threw he goggles which was the ‘stop’ signal. so they stopped, he stood up, and smiled at his ability to withstand that level of pain.

A team of cheerleaders were next, but they chickened out.

So now it was me and the Donnie Darko chick’s turn. So we decided to go for it and see how long we could withstand the bullets. Then I woke up.

weird huh?

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