Cirque Du Soleil.

I went to cirque du soleil on Saturday.

It was amazing. Jill and I left Manchester NH at 4pm, went out to a fun dinner, and then zipped south to suffolk downs in East Boston. As we approached, we could see a huge circus tent with flags and colors surrounded by a bunch of mini-tents.

We passed our tickets to the ticket dude and worked our way to the main tent.

the scenery was beautiful. a circular stage sat in the center of the tent. An eerie sound of wind came from the speakers high above the stage and along the back end of the stage were tons of sticks that extended from the floor to the ceiling colored like bamboo.

Soon the characters started coming out… Crawling out of holes in the floor or walking out of the bamboo forest. The music was beautiful and the costumes were very colorful and loud.

The acts were stunning.

Highlights included:
The Juggler Extreme:
The Juggler Extreme

The three buds
the three buds

These guys flipping the other dudes

The Swings
Russian Swings

And Jill’s favorite: “the perfect male specimens”

They may have more attractive figures, but check out there style? seriously. When it comes to fashion, I am leagues ahead of them. Need I point out the tall socks? Who does that!


7 thoughts on “Cirque Du Soleil.

  • 9/7/2004 at 9:49 am

    Those guys are also wearing the same suit. How embarassing.

  • 9/7/2004 at 9:55 pm

    Those are NOT tall socks. Those are manly leather bindings. Get it right. And really, Michael, should you be criticizing others about tall socks?

  • 6/7/2005 at 4:20 pm

    ummm first off there not socks second dont bash them unless your good like them and ur probaly not so plz again dont bash them

  • 8/1/2005 at 11:49 pm

    sry sry sry i was really upset that night sry sry sry didnt mean anything realy upset that night sry sry sry


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