Vermonster 2004: dairy squared

Every year the cape cod clan orders a vermonster from ben & jerry’s. This ice cream sundae has an epic 20 scoops, numerous bananas, brownies, and cookies and all the other toppings you can imagine. The following is the tale of this years quest to finish dessert.

Vermonster 2004 : dairy squared

The Cast:
Mike DiDonato
Kate Baumann
Chris Baumann
Mike Reid
Scotty Reid
Mike Provolone
Amy of Berlin

Scene I: beach. time: 5:30pm
Tree: “i think we should get two.”

Scene II: Ben & Jerry’s time: 7:45pm
Mike Reid: “can I have a vermonster please?”
Christ Baumann: “make that two.:”

and thus our crew on the ninth anniversary of our vermonster adventures agreed to put down TWO vermonsters. that’s 40 scoops of ice cream and a freakin’ huge amount of toppings. B&J employee Matt made the first vermonster. He scooped those scoops with the care of a true expert.

Our second server was Katie. She kept up with Matt on every level. Below is one of the two masterpieces. Respect it in all its glory.


Shortly thereafter, the second was complete. and it was time for us to get pumped for eating.

first year vermonsters
Vermonster: n. A taste sensation; an ice cream sundae of epic proportions
risky? yes. worth the photo? also yes.

We dug into the buckets of frozen treats. the buckets didn’t remain full for long. Inch by inch the level of ice cream lowered, we suffered through the overly chewy gummy bears and enjoyed the taste of chocolate brownies melting in our mouths. Not fifteen minutes had passed before we needed to bring out the straws.

Perhaps the most difficult part of the vermonster is drinking the melted ice cream that accumulates at the bottom of the vermonster bucket. Some people prefer taking the sludge one spoonful at a time. others prefer jamming a straw into the slop and drinking it as fast as humanly possible. It’s nauseating at times, but well worth the glory in the end. We did end up finishing both, and pictures of the completed buckets will be posted soon. The Reid’s once again, really pulled their weight. Props to them. The newbies also did a great job, really showing that they were serious about their ice cream.

vermonsters forever,
mike d.

3 thoughts on “Vermonster 2004: dairy squared

  • 9/3/2004 at 3:46 pm

    is his name really mike provolone?

  • 9/7/2004 at 2:08 pm

    Actually… it wasn’t. but it did begin with a P, and it’d probably be cooler if it was provalone.

  • 9/12/2004 at 12:22 pm

    Dude, his name was PINDAR, Mike Pindar.


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