Worst Facial Blemish Ever.

I used to think that the inner ear pimple was the worst, with the rim of the nostril as a Close second. but no. I have a pimple in the worst spot. It’s perfectly centered on my face, right under my lower lip.

this is the cause of incredible pain, as I often bite my lower lip when I concentrate; thus resulting in a stab of pain and the frequent violent rupturing of the pimple. So what should have been a two day blemish is now a gaping hole with blood and disgusting working on day 4. Expect regular updates.

In more uplifting news, I attempted two 5.10s last night while Climbing, and made it halfway up on each before my body failed and I collapsed off the wall. I consider this a victory.

2 thoughts on “Worst Facial Blemish Ever.

  • 8/23/2004 at 1:56 pm

    yuck, put some toothpaste on it at night and it will dry up.

  • 8/26/2004 at 5:06 pm

    This post is now very dated, congrats on the awesome 5.10 you completed yesterday!


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