After Monday?

I was chatting with C.B. last night and we exchanged the following words…

mike d: hey buddy, what are you doing Tuesday?
c.b -caught off guard- : … oh um, when’s… tuesday?

I really didn’t know what to say. how do you respond to a question like that?

in other news, my sister came and visited yesterday. She stayed over and made pancakes this morning for my roommate and I. It was fun.

We had EGGO syrup with it’s new ‘perfect pour no drip’ spout. Pretty ingenius I think, but I would hardly say it’s perfect, there were still the ellusive syrup strings flirting with the cap post-pour. I think that the ‘no drip maple syrup spout’ is the last true quest of the scientific community. They’ve all tried it. Aunt Jemimah moved to the raised nozzle after playing around with the side spout. EGGO uses a plastic shield with slits for the syrup to pass through when the bottle is squeezed.

The Vermont folks seem not to care, and usually just have a bottle with a standard top. But really, has Vermont ever made a scientific contribution to the world? (ben & jerrys doesn’t count).

Upon discovering the solution to this epic problem, I think the rest of humanity’s problems will naturally fall into place.

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