A Business Trip

well, it’s official: I am going on my first business trip.

“but to where?” the ladies across america ask
No… not California, nor Vegas. not even Washington D.C.


What’s in indiana? Very little. But, I’ll be there from the 2nd through the 13th of August putting together a giant piece of machinery. two weeks!?!? I suspect that this will be very near torture. Don’t get me wrong, there will be all sorts of perks:
1. free food. And believe me, I’m going to eat like a king.
2. free laundry. I’m going to be bringing all of my dirty clothes with me.
3. frequent flyier miles.
4. discover cash back bonus becuase I purchased the tickets myself

then… there are the un-perks
1. late hours of work
2. a weekend… lost (we will be working through the weekend)
3. early mornings
4. traveling

I am a bit excited. But a bit nervous too. Hopefully I’ll have frequent access to internet. sigh.

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