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Today’s Five Things

  1. Remember when I was trying to train myself to sleep less? I should have just had a baby instead.
  2. Johnathan is now a pro at rolling over. It’s mostly adorable
  3. I received the Shirttail garters and they are glorious
  4. Guitar practice has resumed – oh! I lament the progress I’ve lost!
  5. You know that scene in Aviator where Leo has the guy file down all the rivets on the plane to reduce drag? I love this scene. We are surrounded by rivets in our lives. This is why I’ve started preheating the shower in the morning one minute into brushing my teeth. By the time I finish brushing, the water is just getting to a comfortable temperature. BAM! I just filed down a one minute rivet in my life


I challenge anyone to try and make the sound of an elephant WITHOUT at the same time pretending your arm is a trunk and waving it up and down.

I’m pretty sure it’s impossible.


Via Wikipedia, an Autological word is one that expresses a property it also possesses.






While not not a perfect autological fit, the word “haemorrhaged” sure does feel close. It’s spelling feels like an uncontrolled diffusion of letters, like someone spelled it out and then the word suddenly self-erupted with a chaotic surplus of vowels and consonants.

I am quite confident that I will never properly spell haemorrhaged (also, often times spelled hemorrhaged (maybe more common in the US?)) without auto-correct.

Extra fun facts: the “ae” part of “haemorrhaged” spelling has Latin and Greek roots. The word comes from “haima” for bleeding violently and “rhage” for breaking. Add an R, change or remove the I, and switch the A with an O… Sure that all makes perfect sence.

Also, that “rrh” combination of letters? Not uncommon. Check out this impressive list:



Jen noticed yesterday that ‘sub-par’ is typically a bad thing. Unless it’s golf. If you’re sub-par you’re actually doing pretty great.

A new painting idea.

I was chatting with Kurt about how I needed a piece of artwork in our music room above the piano. Kurt had an amazing suggestion: Prince.


But, I think I might prefer to try and paint a version of this to hang. I love this idea truly and completely.

A visiting family to the neighborhood

We had a pair of pileated woodpeckers visit us this past month! Pileated woodpeckers are pretty rare. They are the woody woodpecker type of woodpecker with its big red mohawk. The things are HUGE. Adults can be between 16 and 19″ tall. DANG. Think about that for a minute.

I’m grateful that we happened to be glancing out the window when they came through. Yet another bird to check off in our peterson’s guide! (thanks Mykal!!)

The Night and Day of Illness

It’s amazing to me how easy it is forget the miseries of physical sickness. I’m coming off a nasty seven day cold that brought a few flu and pneumonia symptoms to the party. It was MEGA gross. But now that I’m on the up and up I’ve pretty much forgotten all misfortune. Any sort of physical discomfort is forgotten SOOOO quickly. Yet, I am still haunted by that time in 9th grade when I mispronounced the word “Adidas” in front of the whole class. What’s the deal?

To Splurge

At the grocery store this morning we decided to buy some macaroni and cheese – and we opted to splurge for the store brand over the orange ‘great value’ brand.

Is it strange that we splurge for the store brand?