Yesterday I received a call from Ryan Schenk.

RyanSchenk: You near a computer?
Mike D: I could be. What do you need?
RyanSchenk: Go to google image search.
Mike D: okay. Now what?
RyanSchenk: Do a google image search for “Chinstrap”. One word.

I encourage you to give this a try.

Image #4 is a RyanSchenk original from January 16th of the 720 post adventure of years past. I checked a few more google image searches.

In general, Ryan does much better when you include a definitive article. Ryan shows up in page 5 of a search for “the lemmy” page three of “the groucho” page two of “the goatee”

Burritos, an exercise in simple mathematics.

Ryan Schenk sent out an e-mail this weekend to document his mathematical approach at optimizing burrito filling.

Let’s take a look at his work:

Sheet 1
Sheet 2

End result?

Pi*((.816*dT)/(2*Pi))^2 * 2 * sqrt( (dT/2)^2 – (.816*dT/2)^2)

or roughly 0.031*dT^3
(where dT is the diameter of the Tortilla.)

It should be noted that this is the theoretical maximum. Experimental results are forthcoming.

Still, what does this mean in layman’s terms?

Basically, the optimal filling ratio is a square with dimensions in a ratio of ~8.1:5.7 laid out with the longer dimension NORMAL to the axis of wrapping (wrappation axis)


It’s true! I have been wrapping my burritos completely wrong! Readers, for heaven’s sake, don’t pack your burritos long, pack them wide! WIDE! This is the key to maximum filling.

Who knew?!

Math knew.

UPDATE: better scans and a third page of calculations
burrito 1.
burrito 2.
burrito 3.