Home Sweet Home

Authored by Kurt

So now that its been a few months I think its safe to announce that my wife and I purchased our first home! I didn’t want to jinx it the first couple of months, but things seem to be moving right along.

We bought a 2 story Dutch Colonial in the lovely town of Randolph.

Our House

Feel free to send presents and or cards.

A message from Kurt!

Hey Everyone,

Most of you know me but for those of you that don’t, my name is Kurt and on March 10th I will be participating with my co-workers in a fund raising event for the Easter Seals Foundation. Easter Seals in Massachusetts is one of the more active programs that helps individuals, both adults and children, with disabilities. Over 10,000 people across the state receive some sort of aid from this great organization,in the form of Job Training, Rehabilitative therapy, Recreational camp and Public education programs. I’m asking for your support in my endeavor to help this great cause. I will be participating in a series of volleyball games to help with the fund raising. Any support you can offer will be greatly appreciated. If you would like congratulate me in doing something active, Thanks! If you would like to donate money I can be reached at the following email address ( Eastie04 AT gmail DOT com) and I can help you set up a donation. You can feel good knowing that your money is going to worthwhile cause, 84 cents out of every dollar donated goes directly to services for children and adults with disabilities. Thanks for listening to my little pitch. I hope to here from you soon and wish me luck!

Kurt Onofrey

New Kid on the Block

So seeing as Alicia either doesn’t know how to type a movie review or she doesn’t know how to watch movies, I, Kurt Onofrey, am making a bid to claim the Movie Reviewer Title from her. From this day henceforth I will be both more dilligent in the Movie Reviewing Posting, as well as responding to movie review requests. And to kick off this new Golden Age I’ll start off with the National blockbuster, Ocean’s 12:

Ocean’s 12

Ocean’s 12 has been burning a path through America’s Movie theaters this past week and with good cause. Starring such dynamic acting talent as George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, and Matt Damon. Reprising their roles as thieves and pickpockets from the remake of the the movie Oceans’ Eleven, Danny and his group of criminals are hit with a blast from the past as Las Vegas Casino kingpin Terry Benedict shows up to settle on a debt from the first movie. To make up for the money owed the crew must take a job to pay back the 160 million that they stole, plus interest.
The entire cast from the first film is back again from Don Cheadle to Bernie Mac. With such an all star cast you can’t really miss. Everyone plays a much more integral role in the caper this time and it is nice to see everyone taking part. After a few foul ups, a rival thief, and a pesky Interpol Agent (Catherine Zeta-Jones), the story starts to heat up. The acting in this film was just as amazing as the first film. The scheme and the eventual heist is one of the best laid stories i’ve seen in a while. But lets not put all the glory on the actors here. I found the cinemetography to be abosultely fabulous. One scene from an landing pad was pretty spectacular.
Over all I would say that this film surpasses the first film in its entertainment factor, but falls a little short of the original in its ingenuity. A definate purchase if your a fan of any of the stars in the movie, or if you enjoyed the original. I’d give this movie 4 Ocelot Claws out of 5.

Well I hope you enjoyed my first review. There are plenty more where that came from.

~ K