Harry Potter

We are reading Harry Potter. We are on book 4.

The nurse, Madam Pomfrey, is able to LITERALLY grow bones back in people’s bodies, yet Harry Potter hasn’t once asked to have his eyesight corrected. Glasses fogging up during Quiddich? Let’s just use a quick ever-clear spell on the glass. Ahh perfect, this makes much more sense than chanting “opiticaperfect!” and granting the most critical player on the team Eagle vision.

Come on people! Get your magic on!

In a fantasy/science fiction book it’s usually breaks in logic and common sense that bother me more than disobeying the laws of the universe.

2 thoughts on “Harry Potter

  • 8/12/2016 at 6:10 pm

    You should watch the X-files episode “Je Souhaite” (S07E21) – one of my faves. It’s relevantly hilarious.

  • 9/2/2016 at 3:30 pm

    The notion that repairing broken bones and repairing eyes are in the same ballpark is asinine. You wouldn’t have your eye surgery done by the same doctor who gave you a cast. And there were doctors putting arms in casts long before they were fixing eyes. The technology may not be there yet. You could just as easily wonder why wizards age, because can’t they use magic to repair the wrinkles in their skin? Besides, the glasses have become part of his signature look. And as we all know from what Harry whispers to Ron before he murders Hermoine in book 6, he is all about brand recognition. Spoiler alert.


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